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Aurora Natrix has been titillating audiences for nearly two decades with her sultry burlesque moves and ornate costumes. Born in the UK, she shimmied and shaked her way from across the pond and currently calls South Florida home. Filled with swarovskis, glitter, and feathers (oh my), Miss Natrix’s shows pay tribute to the classic revues of yesterday but with a twist of her own. She’s filled with class, sass, and brass but couldn’t be any of that without her sparkly....assets!

As an international solo artist, Aurora has teased her way from Hamburg to Paris, NYC to New Orleans, and from sea to shining sea! This "British Invasion," has had the pleasure of performing at many festivals, events, and private parties including the International Stockholm, Montreal, Boston, and Southern Fried Burlesque Festivals, the Exotique Ball (Miami), Ink-N-Iron (CA), Hubba Hubba Revue (SanFran), and has also toured with the Pretty Things Peepshow! 

In addition to being the co-founder of South Florida's first Neo Burlesque troupe as well as a founding member of one of its longest running burlesque show, Aurora is also the founder and creator of Miss Natrix's Ritz Glitz Revue and the original Wilder Burlesque. Established in 2013, her monthly productions feature some of the sunshine state's brightest stars and consistently wow's audiences from near and far! Aurora's productions can be found at some of South Florida's finest establishments!

When not teasing the audience with a flick of a boa, or taunting them behind ostrich fans or a parasol, Miss Natrix works diligently hard hand crafting her costumes and corsets. She is also a burlesque instructor, and is the owner and designer behind Drama Queen, a burlesque inspired accessory boutique.

Miss Natrix and her entertainers are available for hire for all occasions! Whether it's a stag night, bachelorette party, anniversary, wedding, or even a bar mitzvah, you can be sure they will bring the tease to any occasion!


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