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Historia Panel Act

Havana nights and Tropicana delights! This classic burlesque number brings a Latin flair with the Perez Prado Cuban classic "Historia de un Amor" and finishes off with a fury of bumps, grinds, and twirls with the naughtiness of Night Train!








Aurora of the Jungle!


This act ponders how a showgirl would survive in the Jungle. By using leaves and animal print to build a costume of course! Miss Natrix blends the sounds of Yma Sumac with the spirit of the jungle to bring this act to life, with a 5 foot wide headdress that transforms into leaf fans for dancing!









The Snow Queen

Inspired by 1920’s Art Deco and a longing for winter this act brings to light part dream and part fantasy. This act can be performed with or without a snow machine with ethereal music or authentic 1920's music mixed into "Egyptian Fantasy." It requires a 10x10 performance space or stage for full effect, but smaller spaces can possibly be accomodated.









Stripey Act

This costume is sure to dazzle with over 200 yards of tulle and thousands of crystals to create a large and in charge presence on the stage. Absolutely stunning, this sensuous act delivers the tease to the beat of “Shangri-La” and “More Bumps n’ Grinds” whether for a circus themed event, the fourth of July, or for any special occasion!








Black Magic Woman

Dark and mysterious act with a slow dramatic build. Watch as this witchy woman transforms costumes before your eyes! Featuring an epic duster cape requiring a 10 foot performance space, a vintage hand sequined gown, and a stunning handmade feather collar. Just when you think this act has hit its crescendo, the enchantresses hair comes down and you realise it's only just getting started.










Teal Feather Fan Dance

With a towering Vegas headdress and spectacular hand dyed feather fans, this act comes together like a Paramount musical from the 1950's. Classic, elegant, and sexy to the beat of "Some of These Days" and "Blue Prelude." Can be done as a larger production with two assistants to open and close the fans on Miss Natrix's cue! Also available as a high energy fan dance act with a panel skirt to "Sing Sing Sing" and "Night Train."












Blue Parasol

Beautiful classic burlesque routine with a big presence, a bigger costume, and a Swarovski crystal encrusted parasol that rains down sparkly confetti (optional). This classic number is set to the sweet tunes of Street Scene and is a fun and lively piece!










It's Oh So Quiet

Fun and cheeky Marie Antoinette inspired balloon pop number that's lip-synced to Bjork's "It's Oh So Quiet." Watch as sparkles float into the air throughout this act as balloons are popped and costume pieces are revealed. For the finale one last giant balloon is popped to reveal butterflies floating away!











Green Shimmy Act

200+ yards of tulle make for a grand entrance on this classic bump n' grind number featuring down and dirty rockabilly tunes. Catch a flash of leg as Miss Natrix gives you a tease with her sparkly....presence! Can be done on stage and/or as a floor show in the audience for a more interactive experience!











Young & Beautiful

A striking and very powerful act best suited for a 10ft by 10ft stage or performance space. It captures the spirit of the 20's with the modern influence of Lana Del Rey’s “Young & Beautiful” using two pairs of Isis wing (gold and silver). It eventually reveals a stunning pearl and diamond beaded ensemble. Can be performed with a 20's or modern look.












Shaken & Stirred

This "spy versus spy" parody act is one part Ian Fleming's classic spy hero James Bond, 2 parts International Man of Mystery, Austin Powers, and 3 parts ridiculousness! It's not guns and fast cars that are this spy's secret weapon. Instead it's something served shaken, not stirred! Watch how this agent finds her mojo & transforms from a bumbling nervous double-OH-NO to an International (wo)Man of Mystery!











Bunny Lovin!

Utterly ridiculous act with multiple carrots being used in ways that nature may or may not have intended. Part classic showgirl, part comedic romp, and guest starring multiple life sized carrots, this act will make you rethink your relationship with vegetables!












Springtime in Paris

The era of Romanticism comes to life with this modernized tribute to Marie Antoinette! This exquisite costume features tearaway pantaloons and a hoop skirt and uses the music of Edith Piaf as rose petals and butterflies float about in this Spring inspired act!











Bad Maid Betty / A Bad Betty Christmas


Paying homage to the Irving Klaw fetish films of the 1950’s, there are currently two versions of this classic act available. The first is a parody of Teaserama and introduces our Betty (Aurora Natrix) as a maid that hates her job and is jealous of the showgirl she works for (Morgan La Rue). Shenanigans ensue as Bad Maid Betty takes you on a kinky ride, while Goldfrapp provides the soundtrack.

A special Holiday version of this act is also available to a remix of the Sugar Plum Fairy. It's Christmas and our Bad Betty returns to steal all the gifts left by Santa. Not to worry, the victim of this thievary (played by Morgan La Rue) gets her revenge and then some as a classic girl fight erupts!











Red Pearl Fan Dance

A slow and sensual classic burlesque act with a 1920's feel to it. This act combines more classical elements of burlesque into a sultry burlesque striptease. Works well on stage or as a floor show among an audience. Performed to Tombstone Blues. Can be styled modern as well.











Leather & Lace


Starting off with a rhinestoned lace robe, this act soon brings a little kink to the forefront. It is a nod to 1950's fetish of Bettie Page but with a modern twist. The costume features a bullet bra corset, gloves and a whip that is soon revealed. Featuring a seductive and grindy blues song to seduce the night away!











Queen Bee

This act will have you "bzzzzz'ing" in your seats as the Queen of the insect world comes to life with her burlesque incarnation! Performed to the Koko TAylor/Lonnie Brooks "Queen Bee" cover, this act is sweeter than honey!










Duke's Seduction


This conceptual piece is a love letter to jazz and a tribute to the musical stylings of The Duke. A captivating striptease and play on fabrics set to the tune of Duke Ellington's The Mooche, this dynamic act takes you on a rhythmic journey playing on the seductive marriage of music and dance. Watch as Miss Natrix's costume transforms before your eyes. Also available to Diamonds & Pearls for your Prince Tribute event!














Dark Angel


A dark journey inspired by nightmares and fallen angels, this act makes use of two pairs of isis wings, a body cage and a glorious headdress and mask. Set to either a 1920's era appropriate score or cinematic inspired music of a classical nature this act brings a fetish and seductive influence and is sure to tantalize. Perfect for the Avant Garde or Halloween related events.









Countess Bathory


Based on the legend of Erzebeth Bathory, the “Blood Countess” this act starts with a cape that opens 10ft wide to reveal a 16th century inspired ball gown that is slowly stripped away showing handmade Isis sleeves. The final reveal is a cup of blood poured onto the Countess from a goblet. At a little under 7 minutes this act takes you on a musical journey beginning with the dark and powerful Bram Stoker’s theme, Killer Queen by Queen, and a sultry blues song to finish. Requires a sizeable stage. First seen and created for Ink-N-Iron's 2013 Pleasure Portal.

Alternate shorter version available to Beyonce's "Crazy In Love."


Videos available upon request! 

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